Which Acting Method is Right for Me?

This is a question that forever haunts the hallways of every drama school in America and possibly around the globe. Which acting method is right for me?  The answer is, no matter what a marketing brochure tells you, there is no “one” technique. Being a comedian is different from being a Shakespearean performer, and therefore […]

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Why the Performing Arts Matter

 “The object of performing is to give life shape.” – William Shakespeare The performing arts transcend barriers and unify our society, and to some degree or another we all take part in the art of performing. Whether it’s giving a presentation at work, teaching your children an important lesson or simply retelling a funny fib from […]

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Seven reasons why performing arts is important for your boys.

Performing arts is often an elective subject area for older students. Unlike compulsory subjects such as; science, math and english, arts subjects are often considered last and as an easy choice. Some schools have even cut the arts from their curriculum due to lack of funding. Despite this, research shows that studying subjects such as music, […]

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Broadway World


WOW! It’s official. Dramaversity has arrived. We just got a press release in Broadway World. #wearelegit

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Dramaversity Launches TODAY!

Celebrate with us! Dramaversity Launches Today!!!

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Getting Ready To Launch On December 9th!!!

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