American Sign Language In Theatre


Age Range: 10-18+
Class Time:
Class Days: Sunday
Date Class Begins: Mar 10, 2019
Number of Weeks Class Will Meet: 10 Weeks
Class Length: 90 Minutes

  1. You More and more theatrical companies are doing shows that include deaf and hearing actors.

Deaf West from California has had two Broadway shows including Deaf and Hearing. “Big River” and “Spring Awakening”.

It is a wonderful skill to have, and gives a hearing actor more opportunities to act.

The first five weeks will be dedicated to learning the alphabet AND a word — to make it even more fun — for each letter.

In weeks six through ten, will be conversational ASL. Greetings. Directions. Theatre. Spirtual. Storytime. [See weekly breakdown for more info.]

Actors are perfect for ASL, as it is also strongly a facial language!

This is for beginning students.

♥ Open to any students ages 10 and up. Adults welcome!

* Classes will be 90 minutes.

* Students limited to first fifteen.

* Class must have a minimum of five before it can begin.


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WEEK ONE: “Let’s start at the very beginning.” Fingerspelling and words for each letter — ABCDEF

WEEK TWO: “By George, I think s/he’s got it!” Fingerspelling/Words — GHIJK and classifiers (teacher, actor, person)

WEEK THREE: “Do you hear what I hear?” Fingerspelling/Words — LMNOP and signing your name, how you get a sign name.

WEEK FOUR: “I could have danced all night.” Fingerspelling/Words — QRSTU and initialized and regional ASL (dog has two different signs, cities and states have their own signs)

WEEK FIVE: “We are the champions!” Fingerspelling/Words — VWXYZ and Deaf Culture.

WEEK SIX: “Hello! How are you?” — Words/Sentences & Facial Expressions of greetings, meeting people, and manners; i.e. Thank you, please, sorry. Foods—Ordering and cooking, etc.

WEEK SEVEN: “Where are you?” — Words/Sentences and Facial Expressions for directions and places. i.e. East, West, Right, Left, etc. Places i.e. Playground, Hospital, Home, Countries, Continents, People, etc.

WEEK EIGHT: “All The World Is A Stage” — Words/Sentences and Facial Expressions for the craft we love; i.e. Theatre, Actor, Singer, Dancer, Colors, Artist, etc.

WEEK NINE: “I Am The Light Of The World”. — Words/Sentences and Facial Expressions of faith, all; i.e. Spirit, Prophet (Psychic), Church, Jewish, Jesus, Lord, Catholic, Hope, Believe, Faith, Hate, Wicked, Devil, Angel, etc.

WEEK TEN: “And All That Jazz” — You tell a story/monologue in ASL (no speaking)! Class will see if the follow. And anything else we did not cover.

Angela Theresa Collins

Angela Theresa Collins has been doing theatre since early childhood. She won several drama awards growing up. Angela also was noted for her writing skills.

As a child, she wrote original episodes [for tv shows]—for herself to star in; then threw a blanket over the swing set (to be a stage). Angela had her friends play other roles, and invite the parents to watch the performance!

Angela [once an adult], was accepted at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NY, and is a proud member of Actors Equity Association. She has been in plays and musicals across ten states, two tours; total number of different plays and musicals — estimated to be fifty or more. Angela has been in and taught children’s theatre.

Three of her original plays were produced and premiered in New York. She has also appeared in a few commercials and worked on tv shows and films in Arizona, California and New York.

Angela has trained with noted teachers, such as Duane Jones (Night of the Living Dead), and studied at H.B. Studios. She has trained in theatre, Commercial acting, film acting, voiceover and photography.

Angela is also an accomplished playwright, screenwriter and published author. She is a Spiritual Coach/Teacher, Law of Attraction Master Manifesting Teacher.

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