Janae Mitchell


Janae Mitchell’s journey to become an actor initially began as a five year old to become a member of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. When she came to the harsh realization that this team was fictional her aim shifted slightly to become an actor on said show. While she has not yet become a member of the epic fighting squad, she has had the pleasure of going on many an adventure facilitated by boldly stepping into a theatre class as a shy 15 year old.


Through the structure of theatre Janae found and continues to find her voice, both physically and emotionally. As an educator she aims to facilitate the growth of young adults who are finding their footing in the world. Whether it’s your aim to become a Power Ranger, an actor or an engineer, you’ll need to be able to own your voice and rise to the occasion. Janae delights in teaching empathy, expression, and codeswitching with personal integrity through the art of theatre. She would be honored to help you find the range of your power.

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